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Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager

Robert Parker's Wine Advisor & Cellar Manager is the first and only software developed in conjunction with Robert Parker and derived from his newsletter, The Wine Advocate. It combines an extensive database of wine information with a unique Visual Cellar Manager. Since its introduction four years ago it has become the fastest selling software for the serious wine connoisseur. Here's why...

The Problems

Wine lovers tend to become wine collectors. They want to purchase those wines that, with the proper amount of aging, will present a "perfect" drinking experience many years hence. As their cellar grows so do the difficulties of managing a wine inventory. For example, the whole point of a cellar is to age each wine until it reaches the point of perfect maturity. Consume it too early and it may not meet expectations -- or worse, it may be so tannic as to be undrinkable. Wait until too late and it may have faded into expensive vinegar.

And then there is the issue of price. This is a complex area with a consumer product that is made by thousands of different producers around the world each of whom is affected by the climate during the annual growing season in their particular area.

Finally there is learning more about wines. One can easily build a small library consisting solely of books about wine. Increasingly, however, people are turning to their computers and the Internet as an information source. While there are hundreds of websites relating to wine, finding just the right one can be difficult and time consuming.

The Experts

Over the past fifteen years the wine critic, Robert M. Parker, has grown in stature as the consumer's advocate when it comes to wine selection. His newsletter, The Wine Advocate, is the most widely read publication of its type in the world.

Newsweek magazine has said of Parker "[he]has revolutionized American wine criticism, and...has brought [to it] the stringent standards of a fanatic, the high moral purpose of a reformer."

Parker is perhaps best known for being the first wine critic to assign a numerical rating to wines. On his scale each wine gets a number from 50-100. Wine consumers may have seen these ratings posted in stores. Parker also writes a detailed tasting note about thousands of wines each year. This note describes the taste and smell of the wine, often talks about the producer and his wine making skills and offers advice as to when the wine should be drunk.

The Wine Price File is, according to Robert Parker, ".. an essential source of current information on the value of fine wine." Compiled from over 300 retail and auction catalogs, it is recognized as the definitive source of wine price information.

The Solution

Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager consists of (keep in mind that indicates a clickable link to more detail about the subject that follows it):

A wine database built from past (and future) issues of The Wine Advocate®
A pictorial view of your cellar right on your PC screen
A wine price database derived from The Wine Price File
Clearly described, wine-specific links to relevant sites on the Internet

Key features of the software include:

Fast search for wines based on "key words" which need not be fully typed
Robert Parker's tasting notes automatically linked to your wines
Single window display of wine information and control of cellar management
Search and sort your wine collection in seconds, seeing the results in color
Over 30 reports -- each with "drill down" -- and just a button push away
Track wines of particular interest to you or manage a wine shopping list
and much, much more.

NY Times Review Most of the software's functionality is accessible from a "master" window, called the Wine Center, which is shown below. This window comes up automatically whenever the software is started. An important feature is the "quick wine search feature" which operates very much like the familiar search engines on the WWW. To take your own basic "test drive", try clicking on many of its gray buttons:

The Wine Center

System Requires CNBC's Review While the software will excite the computer expert, it is easily used by a PC novice! You will quickly master Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager -- and start using it in minutes -- no matter what your prior computer experience.

"Robert Parker's new software program is a winner."

Ed Jauer, International Wine and Food Society Newsletter, Vol. 37

"Yesterday, I received the Robert Parker's Wine Advisor & Cellar Manager, that I had been waiting for. I was thrilled! I installed it and it ran perfectly, surpassing my expectations."

Harvey L, Canadian Client

"I am an enthusiastic user of your program since the very first version. To my knowledge, it is the only program in its field worldwide!"

Johan B, Belgian Client

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