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When any group of wines is displayed in a table it can be printed just as seen on the computer display. The software allows the columns within the wine table to be moved around and expanded or contracted. It allows columns not of interest to be "hidden". It also allows the number of rows per column to be adjusted. "Quick printing" of a single wine or only of the tasting notes is also supported.

Select a Report by Pushing its Button

The software also comes with numerous predefined reports which analyze:

  • your wine cellar
  • the entire wine database
  • a selected subset of the database.
As shown above, the available reports are displayed in an easy to understand grid. Each combination of wine characteristics that can be reported has its own button. You just depress the button to get that report!

The grid shown is for reports based upon your wine cellar. Another grid covers reports available against the entire wine database.Wines by Maturity within Vintage

In the example, as shown to the right, you have asked for an analysis of wines based upon their maturity and vintage. You would get this particular report by depressing the button highlighted in purple within the grid above (try it). The computer will look at the date range specified by Robert Parker for drinking each wine and the current date. Based upon this comparison wines will be grouped in drinking maturity ranges, as shown. Note that only some of the vintages found are shown in this example.

Another analysis looks at wines in your cellar or in any subset you choose from the entire wine database by Parker's rating ranges. The ranges are according to the scale of 50-100 used in The Wine Advocate.

Wines by Rating Within Region

Within this scale wines are grouped as:

  • Extraordinary -- a rating of 96-100
  • Outstanding -- a rating of 90-95
  • Very Good -- a rating of 85-89
  • Good -- a rating of 80-84
  • Average -- a rating of 70-79
  • Below Average -- a rating of 60-69
  • Avoid -- a rating of 50-59
As before, the wines can be further subdivided by producer, vintage, country, region within a country (as shown) or location within a region. The button you depress to get this report is highlighted in green in the grid shown above (try it). Note that only 3 of the 90 wine producing regions found are shown in the example. Also note that Parker does not always assign a rating.

Drilldown List of Champagnes Rated 85-89

You might well be interested in knowing the actual wines these numbers summarize. Simply double-click the number of interest and, in seconds, you have a "drill down report" listing those particular wines. Here, for example, are a few of the 57 champagnes that ranked as Very Good. To get this list you would double-click the cell highlighted in purple in the table by region and rating range, above (try it, but just click once).

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