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Free Upgrades

Please Note: The free upgrade works on any prior version of our software. It does not update the wine tastings or the wine price data -- only the software itself. If you want an update to the tastings and wine price data you need to purchase the Deluxe Upgrade.

If you plan to purchase the 2003 Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager Upgrade CD, you will need to reapply this update if you apply it now. eRobertParker subscribers who download tasting notes from their online accounts do not need to install this software update.

Click here for the Free Upgrade to the 2003g Edition of the software.

Download Demo Software

Download Demo Software Test drive Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager. You can download the demo of our 2000 Edition software (6,532,627 bytes) right now. Click below to the right for the hardware and software requirements to run the full program. System Requirements Disk space requirements for the demo are much less and can be found below. It is fully functional except for the following:

  • Only about 50 wines (those that are used in our Sample Cellars) are included in the sample wine database.
  • All of Robert Parker's tastings from the years 1996-1997 are included for those wines that are in the sample database.
  • You can add only 15 additional wines and/or tasting notes.
  • Web links are included for the wines in the sample database.
  • Wine Price File data is included for the wines in the sample database.
  • The optional 'tutorial' pop-up messages will always display in the demo version.

The file RPDEMO.EXE is a self extracting program. You should put it into a temporary directory. Run the program which will uncompress the files to about 5 megabytes in size. One of the files will be README.TXT. Read this text file for instructions on installing the demo software.

The installed software will be about 15 megabytes in size. You may wish to delete RPDEMO.EXE after running it to save disk space. You can delete the entire temporary directory after installing the demo software.

Quick Start Guide Like to read before you buy? For a great overview of our software read the Quick Start Guide (345,625 bytes) just as it is shipped to our customers. This manual provides everything needed to master the system basics in a friendly document complete with many screen shots.

Download Acrobat To view the Quick Start Guide you will need an Acrobat viewer configured as a helper application for your web browser. You can obtain the Adobe software, free of charge, from their web site by clicking to the right.

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