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Our electronic version of The Wine Price File is now available (as an integrated component of our Deluxe Edition only). It is derived from the database that is used to produce the Wine Price File book (edited by William Edgerton and published by Wine Technologies).

We identified those wines in the book also reviewed in The Wine Advocate during the years 1992-97. We imported pricing for all vintages of these wines. For example, 32 vintages of Mouton-Rothschild were reviewed in The Wine Advocate from 1992-97 but we provide pricing for all 107 vintages contained inThe Wine Price File. Separate pricing is provided for each bottle size. Thus, for Mouton (as shown below) a total of 227 vintage/bottle size records are available. Each record contains eight separate items of pricing information along with a count of the number of prices from which they were derived.

Table of Wine Price File Data
In total over 21,000 individual prices are included for some 8,000 wines. Prices in the database are from 300 retail and auction catalogs. We distinguish between retail (purple triangles) and auction (blue dots) pricing, as shown in the sample price graph for the 1990 Chateau Margaux.
prgrph2.gif - 5.7 K

You can display a graph like this for any of the 8,000 wines for which pricing is available. Note that both a price trend line (green diamonds) and your current price (yellow dot) can be displayed.

cost.gif - 9.7 KYou can use the pricing data to value your cellar by calculating a "projected current replacement cost" for each wine. With future versions of our electronic wine price guide, your cellar can be automatically revalued.

The prices used for valuation can be selected by you on a wine-by-wine basis. Where a particular price is not available, a series of defaults will apply as shown to the left. In this example, if it is available, the Estimated Auction Price will be used to value the 1991 Mouton (if the Set This Record button is depressed). Otherwise, the Estimated Retail Price, if available, will be used followed by Parker's Estimated Cost, if available.

If you use the Visual Cellar Manager, pricing can be controlled separately for each bottle (green area of the window).

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I can hardly wait for the latest update of your software and want to be the first on the block to receive it. I was a "charter subscriber" of your software and each new release has great new features.

I also love the interface with Wine Price File data in the Deluxe version. I frequently check out the prices and view the graphing feature.

Keep up the good work!

David G, A Colorado Customer

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