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January, 2005: Wine Technologies is the developer of Robert Parker Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager software. We are also Mr. Parker's technology partner for his very successful website, eRobertParker.com. The phenomenal growth of eRobertParker.com has caused us to conclude that we can best serve the broad community of wine lovers by focusing on that. As a result, we will no longer be selling or enhancing the Robert Parker Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager.

However, we will continue to offer bi-monthly updates to the Wine Advisor database at no additional charge to annual subscribers of eRobertParker.com. We believe this represents an excellent value since an annual subscription to eRobertParker.com costs $99 and is updated as each new print issue of The Wine Advocate is mailed. Previously, CDROM updates to Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager had cost $49.95 and were released only once per year.

We will also continue to offer support to registered purchasers of the software. To obtain it email: support@winetech.com

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Download the Update to the Final Release Version of the Robert Parker Cellar Management Software

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