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javademo.gif - 6.2 K
As discussed, the software can colorize the bottles within the visual cellars based upon a variety of wine characteristics. A user selected range of values is colonized at one time. In the Java applet, running below, the characteristic being displayed is the Parker rating of each bottle of wine. Up to five ratings are displayed at once (again, based upon user preference, this number can be increased or decreased).

query.gif - 2.1 KYou can shift to the Next or Previous group of ratings by depressing the appropriate button. In the actual software this is accomplished by clicking on the menu shown to the left.

In this demonstration, red always represents the largest rating, orange the next largest, yellow the next, green the next, and blue the least. In actual use, these colors are user controlled.

The final window in the sequence (ratings below 86) has only three colors because that is the number of different ratings represented in that group of wines.

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