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Robert Parker has updated his celebrated vintage chart for the Year 2002. It should serve as a general guide to wines from around the world for the best vintages of the past thirty years. The unique color coding system provides a quick summary of the regional quality of each vintage. Parker also provides a regional numeric rating for each vintage as well as the drinking status at present (the letter codes next to the numeric rating). A key to the chart is provided at the bottom. Please note: This chart includes the years 1971 &1976 from an older version. These years were not included in the chart as published in Issue 141 of the Wine Advocate.

REGIONS 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1976 1975 1971 1970
88R 98T 89E 87T 84R 96T 92T 85C 78C 79C 75R 98T 90E 87R 82R 94T 90R 86R 98R 85R 78R 85R 87R 84R 89T 82R 87R
  Margaux   89E 95T 90E 86T 82R 88T 88E 85C 77C 75C 74R 90E 86E 85R 76R 90T 86R 95R 86R 82R 79C 87R 87R 77R 78E 83R 85R
  Graves   88R 97T 89E 94T 86R 86E 89E 88E 86C 75C 74R 90R 89R 89R 84R 89E 90R 89R 88R 84R 78C 88R 88R 71C 89T 86R 87R
  Pomerol   90E 96T 89E 96T 87R 85E 92T 89T 87C 82C 58C 96R 96R 89R 85C 87T 88R 90R 96R 86R 79C 86R 84R 82R 94R 87R 90R
  St-Emilion   90E 98T 89E 96T 86R 87T 88E 86T 84C 75C 59C 98R 88R 88R 74C 88E 87R 89R 94R 82R 72R 84R 84R 82R 85R 83R 85R
98T 88E 88E 87E 89E 87E 85E 78E 70C 68C 70C 98T 90R 98T 70R 94T 85R 88T 75R 85R 85R 75R 75R 87R 90T 86R 84R
Cote de
Nuits (red)
84E 85E 91E 83C 90R 92T 90T 72C 85C 69C 86T 93R 87R 79C 65C 87R 75C 75C 50C 84C 77C 88C 86C 50C 87C 82C
Cote de
Beaune (red)
77C 80C 93E 82C 89R 92T 88T 73C 80C 82R 72E 92R 88R 86C 72C 87R 78C 80C 74C 78C 77C 86R 88C 50C 87C 82C
86E 88R 90E 86R 89R 92T 93R 77C 72C 90R 70C 87R 92T 82R 79R 90R 89R 85C 88C 86C 75C 88C 88C 86C 65C 88C 83C
Northern Rhone
Cote Rotie
89T 87E 95T 90T 90E 86R 90T 88C 58C 78R 92R 92T 92T 92R 86R 84C 90R 89C 85C 75C 83C 87C 98R 82R 73C 84R 90C
Southern Rhone
C'neuf du Pape
96T 98E 90E 98E 82C 82C 92T 86C 85C 78C 65C 95R 94T 88R 60C 78C 88R 87C 70C 88C 77C 88C 97R 75C 60C 82C 88C
  Beaujolais   75C 90R 89R 84R 87R 82C 87C 85C 80C 77C 88C 86C 92C 86C 85C 84C 87C 86C 75C 83C 60C 80C 84C - - - -
  Alsace   91R 90R 87R 90R 87R 87R 89R 90R 87R 85R 75R 93R 93R 86R 83C 88R 93R 82C 86C 80C 84C 80C 90R 82C 90C 80C
Loire Valley
Sweet White
82C 84R 84R 84R 88R 91R 88R 87R 86R 80R 75R 90R 92R 88R 82R 87R 88R 84C 84C 82C 72C 83C 85C - - - -
  Champagne   90E 87E 87E 86C 86R 91T 90E NV 88E NV NV 96R 90R 88R NV 89R 95R 84C 90R 84C NV 88C NV 90C 90R 90C 85C
89T 94E 90T 96E 94E 95T 87C 77C 86E 74C 76C 96R 96T 90R 85C 78R 90R 75C 92R 80R 70C 86R 95T 67C 65C 90R 84R
88T 88E 94E 86C 95E 78R 88T 85C 86C 72C 85C 90R 72C 89R 73C 84C 93R 80C 86C 82C 70C 75C 85C 60C 84R 88C 84C
  Germany   98T 87R 88R 85R 88R 93R 87R 90R 87R 90R 85E 92E 90E 89R 82R 80R 85R 90R 80R 82R 65R 84R 72C 85R 90R 80C
NV 92T NV NV 89T NV NV 92T NV 95E 90E NV NV NV NV NV 95R 92R 86R NV 84R NV 83C NV 82R NV 90R
94E 86E 86E 82C 86R 85R 90R 90R 87R 85R 76R 87R 90R 87R 82C 82R 82C 74C 92C 92C 75C 79C 84C 86R 84C 74C 90C
Ribera del Duero
95E 87C 88C 88T 86R 92R 90R 90R 87R 82R 74R 89R 88C 87C 88C 77C 85C 85C 87C 84C 85C - - - - - -
S Australia
95T 88C 88E 95E 88R 90E 87R 90R 87R 87R 89R 88R 88C 85C 87C 90R 86C 76R 83C 85C 88C - - - - - -
California Cabernet 96T 85C 88T 85R 94C 90T 94T 95E 93T 93E 94T 94E 84E 75E 90E 90R 90T 76C 86R 85R 87R 80R 92R 90T 85R 70C 92R
California Chardonnay 90E 87C 89R 89R 92C 87C 92C 88C 90C 92C 85C 90C 76C 89C 75C 90C 84C 85C 85C 86C 88C 83C 86C 80C 86C 82C 83C
California Zinfandel 90E 83C 90E 86C 85E 89E 87R 92R 90R 90R 91R 91R 83C 82C 90C 87C 88C 78C 80C 82C 82C 83C 86C 87C 80C 60C 89C
California Pinot Noir 92E 88R 90E 89R 90E 88R 88R 92R 88R 88R 86R 86R 85C 87C 86C 84C 86C 85C 84C 83C 85C 80C 84C - - - -
Oregon Pinot Noir 85E 86E 92E 89T 87C 83C 76C 92R 89R 88R 87C 90C 86C 88C 72C 85C 87C 90C 84C 86C 86C - - - - - -
Washington Cabernet 92T 89R 90T 90T 88T 88T 86R 90R 87R 89R 85C 87R 92R 88R 90R 78R 86R 92R 78C - - - - - - - -
REGIONS 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1976 1975 1971 1970
Ratings:  90-100   The Finest   80-89   Above Average to Excellent   70-79   Average   60-69   Below Average   < 60   Appalling  
Symbols:  Caution too old or irregular   Early maturing and accessible   Tannic or youthfull   Ready to drink   NV Non-Vintage

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