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CNBC's Business Radio Network reviewed the software in December, 1997. Here is a complete transcript of their comments:

What to give the man who has everything, including a wine collection? How about the new CD ROM Version 3.0 of Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager from Wine Technologies, Inc.?

The program is powerful, based on thousands of ratings from Robert Parker's "Wine Advocate" newsletter and more than three-hundred auction catalogs compile by Bill Edgertons's "Wine Price File." All the information will be updatable.

A collector has only to enter the various wines and prices paid to keep track of the collection's value. Click the mouse and see what Robert Parker thought of the wine through his one-hundred-point rating scale. Click again to see what prices the wine fetched in recent auctions.

Group the wines together to form a "virtual" cellar and check out how they're coming along: too young, ready to drink or over the hill.

Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager comes in two versions, with two or five years of past "Advocates." You can check them out on the Internet at www.winetech.com.

I'm Rob Sunde ... CNBC ... on the Westwood One radio network.

Wine Technologies thanks Mr. Sunde and CNBC for allowing us to post this transcript which ran over the weekend of December 6-7, 1997 nationally on the CNBC/Westwood One radio network.

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