About Wine Technologies, Inc.

Wine Technologies, Inc. was begun in 1993 specifically to pursue the development of an innovative visual approach to wine cellar management software. The founders are two MIT graduates with years of software industry experience - one of whom also has a long standing interest in fine wines. They developed the concept to a prototype and then approached Robert Parker with the idea of developing a database derived from The Wine Advocate and integrating that database with their visual cellar manager.

Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager was introduced in the fall of 1995. It immediately gained a wide following among subscribers to The Wine Advocate. Building upon suggestions received from these first few thousand customers, an extensively revised Version 2.0 was released in the summer of 1996.

Click here for a review of some of the more interesting, unusual or advanced technical features of the software.

Annual updates to the wine database are planned with release scheduled in the first quarter of each year. Each annual update will include virtually the entire contents of the prior year's six issues of The Wine Advocate.

Work is in process on a new wine price database derived from The Wine Price File -- the leading publication of its type. This new database (to be available in December, 1996) will provide estimated replacement costs for wines in the database based upon dozens of auction and retail price sources.

In addition to the software and updates, Wine Technologies provides support to its registered clients via the Internet (the preferred technique), via Fax and via Voice mail.

How to Reach Wine Technologies, Inc.

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By Email: info@winetech.com

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