Jumping to Columns in the Wine Table

hotfind.gif - 3.6 K

The combination of the ALT and A keys is used to bring up a "hot find" window that is a quick way to search in the table of wines for a value of interest. This search operates on the column which has the focus. In the example, to the left, the search is on country. When Enter is tapped the first wine from Germany will be fouund.

The hot find button can also be used to jump to any field (e.g. column) in any table and on the Main Form by pressing ALT in combination with Enter. You will go to the next field that contains the characters you entered anywhere in the field (column) name. For example, were you to enter "cost" instead of Germany in the example and then depress ALT-Enter the focus will jump to the "Estimated Cost" column, then to "Estimated Cost Hi" then to "My Cost".

As mentioned, this technique also works on the Main Form, and is often the best way to get directly to a field on the form from the keyboard.

You can repeat both of the "hot find" functions we have discussed. ALT-F3 repeats the last search, while ALT-X repeats the most recent of a small set of commands including search, hide this column, move this column left/right and increase/decrease row height or column width.

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