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The Wine Advocate ® -- "the Independent Consumer's Bimonthly Guide to Fine Wine" -- is published by Robert M. Parker, Jr. Each issue consists of around 48 pages of wine tasting notes and includes no advertising. Most notes are for recently released wines or wines that will be released in the near future. Parker also reviews older wines from time to time. One issue each year includes barrel tastings of the prior year's Bordeaux wines. Another annual feature is an extensive review of great wine values -- generally wines which can be purchased for $10.00 or less. In collaboration with Robert Parker, Wine Technologies edits each issue of The Wine Advocate for inclusion in the wine database that accompanies our software.

PDFIcon.gif - 0.3 KYou can view either of two past issues of The Wine Advocate, just as they appeared in print. You will need an Acrobat viewer configured as a helper application for your web browser. You can obtain the Adobe software, free of charge, from their web site by clicking here.

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Issue 105 (June 30, 1996)
(499,463 bytes) contains major reviews of the 1994 California Zinfandels and the Oregon Pinot Noirs as well as a retrospective on the 1970 Bordeaux vintage and the wines of 6 small American importers.

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Issue 106 (August 31, 1996)
(494,136 bytes) contains major reviews of the 1994 & 95 vintage in the Southern Rhone and the annual Great Wine Bargains review as well as a retrospective of the 1985 California Cabernet Sauvignons.

NewRobert Parker has updated his famous Wine Advocate Vintage Chart for visitors to our web site. The chart is a large (80K) image and is best viewed from your browser in 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution or above. It can also be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file.

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The Wine Advocate is a registered trademark of Robert M. Parker, Jr.

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