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Pricing for the Software and Options

Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar Manager Software Version 2.0 (Includes the 1994 & 1995 Electronic Issues of The Wine Advocate - 7000+ wines) [#RP189-011]
1992 and 1993 Electronic Issues of The Wine Advocate - 7000+ additional wines [#RP189-012]
The Electronic Version of The Wine Price File [#RP189-014]
Upgrade to Version 2.0 from any prior version [#RP189-013]
Shipping & Handling for the Version 2.0 Software
Shipping & Handling for any other item (per item)
Texas sales tax
(see below)
Total Order

Media: At present all products are available on 3.25" diskettes only.

Sales Tax: Texas residents only must add 8.25% sales tax of: $8.25 (Version 2.0 software), $4.95 (1992/1993 electronic issues of The Wine Advocate), $2.47 (upgrade to Version 2.0) and $3.30 (electronic version of The Wine Price File).

System Requirements: Wine Technologies recommends that you own a 486 or Pentium PC with at least 8MB of memory (RAM) and 40MB of free hard disk space to operate the software and all available data and indices. The software operates equally well under Windows 3.x and Windows 95. Note to Macintosh Owners: We have no plans for a Mac version of the software. While a few people are successfully running the software under SoftWindows ( on a Macintosh, there is a significant speed penalty and we can provide no technical support for the Mac.

Shipping: Orders will be shipped within 30 days of receipt. Airmail shipping only to Canada and foreign destinations. Shipping cost will vary by country; a reasonable charge will be added to your order.

To order now call:

(Please Mention Source Code: IWA-Q1)

International Orders Call: or Fax:

You can also print out this page and use it as an order form to be mailed to:

Wine Technologies, Inc.
PO Box
Dallas, TX

Make checks payable to: Wine Technologies, Inc.

Mail orders must also provide the following:

Purchase and Shipping Information for Mail Orders
Street Address:                                                                                          
Zip/Postal Code:                                                                                          
Daytime Phone:                                                                                          
Credit Card (Circle One):           Visa     MasterCard     AMEX
Card #                                                                                          
Expiration Date:                                                                                          

If this is a gift, you may specify the person and address to which it should be shipped:

Shipping Information for Gift Orders
Street Address:                                                                                          
Zip/Postal Code:                                                                                          

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