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Wine Web Guide

There are hundreds of web sites on the Internet devoted to various aspects of wine. Finding what you are looking for can be difficult and time consuming. Our interactive guide to the World of Wine on the Internet makes it easy and fun. Thousands of the wines in the database are linked to web sites that are relevant to that particular wine. Typically these might include:
  • The winery's web site
  • Sites related to the particular wine producing region
  • Sites providing a vintage chart for the particular region
  • Sites devoted to the particular type of wine or grape variety
  • Sites providing travel information to the region
  • Sites which provide information about where the wine can be purchased

Sample Links for a Mondavi WineAccessing the links is extremely simple. Both the wine table display of a group of wines and the Wine Form display of a single wine contain a button labeled Web Links. Depressing this button brings up a special window which will display all the available web links for the wine of interest. Simply click on the description of the link that interests you and depress the Go To button. Your browser will be started at the location described.

Wine Technologies will periodically update the links and make the updates available from this web site. The date of the links currently installed is shown at the top of the web links window. Updating the links is one of the functions brought up by depressing the Options button.

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