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Virtual Cellar Visits

We hope to add other "virtual tours" of our clients' wine cellars. To be considered please email us with interesting details about you, your cellar or your use of our software.

Here's how we got things started:

When we approached a few clients about this project, Steve Ashkenazy responded that he was building a new cellar himself. We thought it would be fun to follow the construction project right through to seeing his new cellar on the screen of his PC - a trusty Compaq 200MHz Pentium MMX with 48MB of RAM.

Steve's Cellar Under Construction

Steve kept us updated on the construction by email:

"Well...lets see ... I still have half the ceiling to put up ... then spackle and paint. The redwood racks are being made at Kedco. I don't get all that much time to work on it, so I'd say about 4 weeks until its done, without racks.

It is a 5'X5' room or so and should hold about 1000 bottles. Double deep racks on the left of the door and single deep on the right."

We also got to know a bit about Steve:

"I am 38 and import and sell stringed instruments, violins, viola's, cello's etc. from Europe and sell them to music stores all over the country.

I got interested in wine along with my interest in good food. I think wine is important for a healthy way of life. As my taste for good food grew, so did my wine interest. I now have about 300 plus bottles. All but a few are top wines. I like all types of wine, but red over white. I love so many I don't know where to start...Spanish wines are wonderful...but my favorite would have to be great French Burgundy.

I get only two magazines, The Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator. However, when I find the time, I also read Food and Wine and Gourmet."

He has some kind things to say about our software:

"When I first got the Parker program I only had about 50 bottles, so putting them in didn't take long. As my cellar grew I put bottles in as I got them. I also keep a card file on all my wines.

There are so many features on this program I don't know where to begin. So many things I still need to learn, but I will say that it is so easy to work everything, once you have used it a little. I can find wines in seconds and, if one isn't in the database, I can just put it in. Also, I love how you can change who's tasting you can see first, Parker's or mine!"

By now you must be curious to see the result:

Steve Shows Off His New CellarHere's a photo of Steve showing off his new cellar.

We don't know about you, but we would say that he has a promising career in wine cellar construction ahead of him if he ever gets tired of the music instrument business!

Below is an actual screen shot from our software which shows the tall rack to Steve's immediate right in the photo. This rack occupies the space to the right of the cooling unit (see the "under construction" photo above) and is on the "double deep racks" side of the cellar. Part of Steve's Visual Cellar

Steve has chosen to represent each layer in a separate Cellar Area (window). The bottles shown here are in the front.

Steve has used the capability to name each rack and Cellar Area -- here the Cellar Area is called "Section C" while the particular rack is called "Section C1". The back layer rack is named "Section C2" to help Steve remember what each rack contains.

This screen shot illustrates the Live Bottle ID which shows that the wine being pointed to is a 1992 Taylor Vintage Port.

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