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About Robert Parker

From American critics and magazines:

1. "Parker is the most influential commentator on wine." International Herald Tribune

2. "The wine world's point of reference - essential reading." Le Journal de Dimanche

3. "The ONE voice of the wine world." People Magazine

4. "The man with the paragon palate ... for countless wine lovers, Robert Parker's tastes are infallible." Time Magazine

5. "Parker has revolutionized American wine criticism, and ... has brought the stringent standards of a fanatic, the high moral purpose of a reformer." Newsweek Magazine

6. "Parker is a revolutionary. More than any other person he led the overthrow of the old order in wine communication with its English-style reverence for tradition and incestuous ties to the wine trade. In its place he has helped create a uniquely American school of wine criticism - inspired more by Ralph Nader." The Baltimore Sun

7. "When Parker spits, vintners tremble." The New York Times

8. "America's most powerful wine critic." The Boston Globe

9. "Exceptional. A formidable piece of wine scholarship." Frank J. Prial, The New York Times

10. "Bordeaux shows Bob Parker at his best. It's full of bold opinions, acutely perceptive wine assessments, and boundless passion for the subject. This remarkably detailed tasting guide is certain to become a much consulted reference on the short shelf of classic Bordeaux texts. Elin McCoy and John Frederick Walker, Wine Editors, Food and Wine Magazine

11. "By dint of talent and a formidable capacity for thoroughness, Robert M. Parker, Jr. has become one of the most respected American wine authorities." Frank J. Prial, The New York Times

12. "The Wine Advocate is the best for guiding the consumer through the labyrinth of Burgundy and Bordeaux." Forbes Magazine

13. "He has set the standard for wine criticism in America." The Baltimore Sun

14. "An ombudsman for the wine consumer." The Washington Post

15. "The most influential guide - and certainly the most useful tool - to come along since the stemmer-crusher." Diversion Magazine

16. "One of the world's most influential wine tasters." Business Week

17. "One of the world's great wine publications." The Chicago Tribune

18. "One of the best wine publications in America." Food and Wine Magazine

19. "The best in the country." Vanity Fair Magazine

20. "Parker has risen to international pre-eminence as a wine writer by being of all things a hard headed American." Esquire Magazine

21. "Parker is the most influential wine writer in the world today." Los Angeles Times

22. "Parker is universally regarded as incorruptible and indefatigable." Los Angeles Times

23. "Parker has revolutionized American wine criticism, and...has brought [to it] the stringent standards of a fanatic, the high moral purpose of a reformer." Newsweek Magazine

24. "What Julia Child did for French cooking, what Bob Vila did for power tools, Robert Parker did for wine." Smart Money

25. "The world's preeminent authority on wine; his power in the world of wine is undeniable and unprecedented ... the Lord of the Grapes." Robb Report

26. "With his revolutionary rating system and infallible palate, Robert Parker is the world's most influential wine critic." GQ Magazine

27. "Parker is the most powerful critic of any kind, anywhere, a man whose writings and ratings have enormous impact in virtually every country where wine is made, bought or sold." David Shaw, Los Angeles Times

28. "A sensualist, passionate lover of wine, and a fierce champion of the wine consumer, Parker is largely responsible both for the vastly improved quality of wines made throughout the western world, and for the exponential growth in the interest, knowledge and sophistication of those who drink wine, especially in the United States."David Shaw, Los Angeles Times

From England:

1. "The world's most experienced and trustworthy taster." Jancis Robinson

2. "Robert Parker is easily the single most influential person in the world of wine." Paul Levy

3. "An unambiguous, unadorned, practical wine consumer's guide such as no British writer has yet produced...and, I think, indispensable." Robin Young, Decanter Magazine's Consumer Columnist

4. "I have not missed a single issue of The Wine Advocate and, having tasted with him, am a great admirer of Robert Parker's thoroughness, objectivity, concentration, conscientiousness, methodical approach to wine, and the courage of his convictions. I am sure his book will be a great success." Michael Broadbent, M.W., Christie's

5. "He makes what has seemed classified information about individual ch'teaux and vintages wonderfully accessible with his forthright tasting notes. Nobody with a bottle in the closet, or a wine shop on the way home from work, will be able to resist this book. It belongs beside Broadbent's The Great Vintage Wine Book as a reference of first resort." Hugh Johnson

6. "If you have a few bottles of Bordeaux stashed away you will have to have a copy of this book." Robert Josephs, The Sunday Telegraph

7. "Do not ignore his scholarship and unrivaled experience with recent vintages." Stephen Spurrier, The Field

8. "The most useful non-fiction book published this year (in England)." Auberon Waugh, Independent

9. "Indispensable to the serious wine drinker and provides endless hours of happy reading." Auberon Waugh, Independent

10. "Robert Parker has become a guru whose pronouncements can make or break a wine's reputation." Jancis Robinson, M.W., London Sunday Times 11. "Compulsive and fascinating reading for anyone the least interested in Bordeaux." David Peppercorn, M.W., Decanter Magazine

12. "A prodigious and fascinating effort, and there are no punches pulled." Clive Coates, M.W.

13. "A book every claret enthusiast should have." Edmond Penning-Rowsell, The Financial Times

14. "This book is admirably outspoken over things that need to be said and so seldom are. Were I still a wine merchant, I would give a copy of this book to my best customers. As it is, I shall have to be more modest, but give it I will to my best friends." Harry Waugh

15. "There is no one in America more enthusiastic and conscientious in his approach to Bordeaux than Robert Parker. His book is a boon for Bordeaux lovers." Serena Sutcliffe, M.W.

16. "Parker is the owner of one of the most feared, most exercised noses in the wine world. What distinguishes Parker from most wine writers is his absolute determination to pay his own way." Jancis Robinson, M.W., London Sunday Times

17. "His influence is unparalled in the history of wine journalism" Decanter Magazine

18. "Parker, the million dollar palate, is the world's most influential wine critic ... he is genuinely independent, has a legendary tasting ability, and usually gets it right ... but that is no reason for him to be God." Evening Standard

19. "Parker's palate moves markets like no one else's; every time he sips, the wine world shudders." The Sunday Telegraph

20. "The spit heard round the world." London Financial Times

21. "Robert Parker is the most followed and influential critic for French wines in the entire world." President Jacques Chirac

22. "Robert M. Parker, Jr. is, without question, the world's most influential wine critic." Decanter Magazine

23. "Mr. Parker's palate is thought to be the oenological equivalent of Einstein's brain." The Economist

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