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The Wine Table

Any group of wines you select can be shown in a table format. This can be all the wines in your database or a single wine selected by you using one of the searching features of the software.

This sample has been reduced to only a few rows and columns to minimize the file size.

Selected Wines Displayed in a Grid

This small sample illustrates many of the powerful capabilities available to you using the grid. You can select the wines to be included (in this case Bordeaux wines with a perfect Parker rating of 100). You can arrange the order of the columns by moving them around with the mouse. You can "hide" columns you don't wish to see (here the country, region, wine color and others are hidden). You can also sort the table based upon any of the columns (here the table was sorted by vintage year).

You can save as many of these grids as you wish. Each becomes a named "View" which you can recall at any time.

You can also request a report at any time. It will exactly correspond to the grid being displayed. This provides a simple, but unusually powerful, custom reporting capability.

Note the row of buttons along the top. They allow you to bring up other windows which display the full tasting note, price file data or other information based upon the wine (row in the table) and/or the wine characteristic (column in the table) you are focused on at any particular time (here the focus is on the bottle size of the 1989 Petrus as indicated by the darker border around its cell). As you move about from row to row or column to column in the table the contents of each of these other windows will change automatically. You can click on several of the buttons, if you wish, to be taken to other pages that explain the windows they bring up.

If you maintain a visual cellar, you can "Query" your cellar based upon any wine characteristic, such as the Parker rating. Both the bottles in your visual cellar and the rows in the corresponding wine table will be colorized based upon the characteristic you choose.

This sample shows only a few of the columns which are available. You can "flip" the table so that you see only one wine at a time but can view most, if not all, of its characteristics, as shown below.

Detailed Display of a Single Wine

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