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Cellar management can be performed either with or without the Visual Cellar capability. Use of the Visual Cellar involves three main steps:

Specifing the storage facilities within your cellar
Adding any of your wines not contained in the wine database
Indicating which bottles of wine are stored in which bins

In addition you can input any personal information (cost paid, supplier, date purchased) about each bottle of wine.
crmanage.gif - 4.2 K

You can also maintain your cellar without the need to specify the physical storage and indicate which wines are in which bin(s). This approach (illustrated to the left) involves less "up front" effort. On the other hand, you will not be able to visualize your cellar on the computer screen or get visual search results.

Visual Cellar Management No matter which approach you use you can still enter all the cellar information shown. You can also manage your cellar down to the bottle size, keeping separate records for each larger format and for the normal bottles sizes.

In addition to the price paid, current value, supplier, date purchased and cellar location, two fields are provided for storing other information (such as insurance codes or the owner of the bottle, if you store wines for others).

"This is without doubt, the most powerful commercially available cellar management program"

Wane J, New Hampshire Customer

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