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Visual Wine Cellars

The software can accurately display most cellar layouts which consist of square, rectangular, diamond shaped or "loose" storage areas (bins). An example of each is shown below.

sbcellar.gif - 12.4 K
casebins.gif - 12.3 K
diambins.gif - 16.9 K
loosbins.gif - 9.0 K

You can define multiple windows - each representing an area of your cellar.

There is no limit to the number of cellar windows you can create. Each window is limited to around 3,000 bottles. The number of bins in each row and the number of rows in the cellar are also fully adjustable.

One of the major technical highlights of the software is the ability to resize the Visual Cellar windows. The bigger the window the larger each of the bottles within it. Moreover, two different windows can be displayed simultaneously. This flexibility allows large amounts of cellar storage to be visualized at once.

liveids.gif - 3.9 KAs shown to the left, you can also use the "Live ID windows" to see the bin location (green window with "85" - you can assign the label) and the contents (turquoise window) of any bin in your visual cellar just by moving the mouse over it! As you move the mouse cursor about, these two windows will dynamically track with it.

In two of the examples above you may have noticed the coloration of the individual bottles. This illustrates the power brought to the cellar manager by its integration with the wine database derived from The Wine Advocate. The computer might be asked to sort the wine cellar based upon the Parker rating. Each color would represent a particular rating (red might be 95, orange 94, yellow 93, and so on).

cool.gif - 0.4 KWe have prepared both a Java-based and an animated "virtual demo" of this capability. Any of the structured elements of the wine database can be used to perform these queries.

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