Quick Browse for Wines of Interest

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As shown above, you can use < Search > < Unique Values > to summarize the distribution of values in any column of a table. This can be particularly useful when (as in the sample) you have already narrowed the entries in the table. In the example we have first narrowed our table to all wines from Bordeaux. With the focus on Location < Search > < Unique Values > brings up a Select list of all unique values for Locations within Bordeaux.

You can quickly find all records having any value in the list by choosing the value with the mouse. When the mouse is over the left 1/3 of the list it will assume an up-arrow shape. Clicking on any item at this point will select the value above the arrow and narrow the entries in the table to those having that value. In the example, clicking with the arrow pointing to Graves would find all wines from the Graves appellation within Bordeaux.

The Select list will stay up, allowing you to find other groups of wines by simply pointing and clicking at any value!

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