Stepping Among Windows Using the Keyboard

Often you may wish to have several windows open at the same time. Unless you have a large monitor and operate it at high resolution (e.g. 1024x768 pixels or above), it is normally not possible to spread the windows out so that they are all simultaneously visible. Clicking on any part of a window with the mouse makes it the "active window" and brings it to the top. However, It can be difficult or impossible to click on a window when it is mostly or entirely obscured by another. We have a Mouse Trick to offer in this regard.

As an alternative to the mouse, you might wish to use the CTRL-TAB keys. This is a "standard" Windows convention that works across all of the windows in The Wine Advisor - even minimized windows. Just hold down either the left or right CTRL key and tap the TAB key. Each time you depress the TAB key you will "step" through the opened windows, one at a time.

We also provide a method for stepping across only the non-minimized windows which starts with the most recently used window and goes in the order of most recent use. Just hold down the ALT key and tap either the Gray + (the one that is part of the numeric keypad) or the ";" (the semicolon, which is easier to reach). This particular method can be very convenient if you have two or three windows you wish move among.

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