Display of Tasting Notes

The process of creating tasting notes that are specific to each wine is described in the discussion of the wine database. form2.gif - 14.8 KAs illustrated below, notes can be called up for any wine in the database. Where Parker has tasted the same wine on multiple occasions (in different issues of The Wine Advocate) these notes will be linked to the same wine in the database. Thus, each wine in the database has a Tasting Count recording the number of tastings on file. You may add your own tastings or tastings obtained from other sources. They will be filed, along with the tastings from The Wine Advocate, with the appropriate wine. You can search for wines based upon the words used in the tasting notes.

When wines are displayed in groups within a table (as illustrated in the discussion on searching for wines of interest) one of Parker's tastings and one of the tastings you have entered will be displayed. These will be the Active tastings, normally the most recent.

form3.gif - 10.1 KWhen wines are displayed one at a time on the Main Form you will be shown (right) the tasting count and can toggle instantly from one tasting note to the next. You can see which of your and Parker's tastings is set as the Active tasting. You will also see information about the tasting, such as the issue and article in which it appeared, as well as some of the structured data derived from that tasting (rating, price, when to drink, and so forth). You can enter this same information for your own tastings.

form6.gif - 3.0 KShould you have vintages not included in the database for wines that are in the database you can easily make a Copy of any wine. This process is as simple as pushing the Copy This Wine button (left). This will automatically prompt you for the new vintage year entry. Thus you can supplement the database to represent any wine collection -- no matter how extensive -- with a minimal amount of typing. More importantly, you are insured that, should Parker review the "missing" vintage in some future issue, the software will be able to match the future tasting with your entry!